School Regulation


  • Age requirement Following are the recommended ages (Completing on 1st Jun) for children to be admitted in the Eco-School
    • For Play group : Two years and above
    • For Nursery : Three years +
    • For Jr. K. G. : Four years+
    • For Sr. K. G. : Five years +
  • Guardians seeking admission for their ward have to produce the birthdate certificate (Originals along with one Xerox copy) of the ward from concerned authority.
  • Admission will be given only after introduction of the child and parents.
  • Admission will be considered confirmed only when the initial payment including admission fees etc. is paid.


  • Absence on the re-opening day is not allowed.
  • Guardian should see that their child does not remain absent except under unavoidable circumstances at it badly hampered the progress of the pupil because of missing lesson.
  • The student should be in the Eco-School well before class starts .
  • Guardian should send a leave note for absence of their child with due reason mentioned within.
  • Irregular attendance and habitual absence will call for dismissal from Eco-School.
  • A student suffering from infection disease will not be allowed to attend the class till he/she is completely cured.
  • Attendance above stipulated requirement of attendance is must for consideration of promotion.


  • Correct school uniforms for the boys and girls are mandatory.
  • The student should wear black shoes and socks
  • On school day, picnic and field trips, pupils shall ware prescribed school uniform and identity card.
  • Girls to keep their hair neat and tidy must use Ribbon / clips / hair bands. Boys should have regular haircut.
  • During winter school sweaters should be worn by the students (if required).


  • Cleanliness and hygiene is expected of all pupils.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobediences or conduct causing physical injury to fellow members, injury to the moral tone of the school, will be considered sufficient reason for dismissal of pupil.
  • Books and other materials, unless approved by the Principal will not be allowed to be brought to school.
  • No collection for any purpose whatsoever shall be started without the prior sanction of the Principal.
  • No pupil is permitted to leave the school premises during working hours without the permission of Principal.
  • Pupils should take care to see that their classroom and school premises are kept clean and tidy.
  • Student should use only English for communication in the school premises during working hours.

Fee Rules

  • No fees except for 50% of the deposit money are refundable only after completion of Sr. K. G. class.
  • Fees for 1st term should be paid on/before 15th of June, and for the 2nd term should be paid on/before 15th of October.
  • Fees for the month of October and November should be paid on/before 15th October and fees for the month April and May should be paid on/before 31st March.
  • Late payment charges of Rs. 50/- per month will be charged if the fees are paid after 15th of the respective month.
  • Deposit will stand forfeited in case of recovery of any nature.
  • Arrears of fees more than three months shall render the name of the student liable to be struck out of the roll.
  • Progress report or school leaving certificate shall not be issued until all dues are paid.