General Information

Little Angels is an English medium school Eco School for boy and girls having classes of Play-group, Nursery, Junior K. G. and Senior K. G.

This Eco-School is promoted and run by qualified teachers having long standing experience in teaching field and knowledgeable in latest teaching methods.

It aims at orienting the development of the child, to educated them in all aspects of their personality by giving due attention to Social, Emotional, Physical, Motor, Moral etc. apart from normal curriculum. The emphasis is on making child feel confident, independent and self-reliant in daily routine activities.

Personal attention is also given to development of psychological aspect. Personal ability and discipline for interacting with others and working with them is developed.

Accordingly methods are adopting in the kindergarten, to educate the children by most popular methods and using modern techniques like pay way method and activity based learning which creates liking in their minds for learning anything.

For quicker grasping Kindergarten is equipped with audio and visual Phonetic Method of teaching of English language and environment friendly techniques are the key features of the school curriculum.

Thus, syllabus is designed in such a way that a child should normally find it easy to get admission in primary section of any good school.

One Medical examination is suggested to be taken by a family doctor whereas second kind of medical check-up will be carried out by the doctor affiliated with the Eco-School.

Once in six month, there will be an Open House apart from regular Parent-Teacher meetings, where suggestions from parents are welcome.