Differentiating Features of Little Angels Eco-School

A 'Holistic' Development Approach to Education - The school curriculum focuses on phonetic method of teaching and learning English language. This equips the children with the skill of reading right at a tender age of 3 years. The school has also developed its unique style of writing and has customized books to suit the learning style of the children. Various topics of environmental studies are also interlinked with each other and explained through activities, picture talks, puppet shows, games and such other innovative methods of schooling.

Along with academics the school also concentrates on other aspects of a child’s development through inclusion of activities likes karate, yoga, dance, music, computer, art and craft. The wonderful playground and play equipment help enhance the physical development of the children.

Focus on Environmental and community awareness

Little Angels eco-school has a specially crafted curriculum for student that promotes conservations of environment and surroundings through practical projects that are carried out all round the year.

Projects such as community helpers Day, Market day and Farm day are undertaken by the school in order to create awareness about different aspects of daily life.

The community helpers Day is undertaken to make the children understand the value of the people that provide us civil service. Personnel from different civil services departments like municipality, fire brigade, and police are invited to interact with children and tell them about their work. This creates respects and appreciation of work done by civil officers in the minds of students at an early age.

An Entire family and not only child get admission at little Angels

Little Angels Eco-School believes that 'Schooling begins from home'. Therefore a special effort is made by the school to keep parents, grandparents and guardians of each child involved in the school. This is done by organizing various workshops, seminars and competitions like best out of waste, healthy and nutritious tiffin award, rangoli competition for parents.

Little Angels Eco-School makes a special effort to involve grandparents. Events like grandparent's Day and Ladki Aaji helps to create a stronger bond between the child, parents, grandparents and school. Little Angels is also proud to have a very active informal parents association that volunteers to organize events like the annual funfair and teacher's day.